Our Mission

When women leave law, everyone loses.

The data is in. While women and men start careers in law at the same rate, they have different trajectories. Less than 20% of women become equity partners in large firms, and women make up less than 40% of lawyers in firms generally. The attrition rate for women in law is staggering. Something is wrong. The system is broken.

These women haven’t gone away. They just need a new way to practice law.

Our mission is to ensure that more women have access to the flexible roles that will allow them to work during the phases of their lives in which scaling back hours, or working remotely, are necessary. We know that the market demands that these lawyers still do exceptional work. So, we created our network hoping to change the way law firms and legal departments utilize the talents of women in law.

And it’s working.


“We believe the market is stronger with the voices of many different people around the table. The women who have opted out of traditional Big Law trajectories have talent that can be harnessed. Our clients demand sophisticated work, and are well-served by this pool of talent that simply needs a bit of flexibility.”

—Stacey McConnell, Co-Founder The Alt Group