Community Building - Kristin Lim

Community building 

Two years ago we had an idea that launched a company. 

The system for many women in the legal world was broken, and we wanted a stake in fixing it. We wanted to change the way the legal world works for and with women, and reimagine how law firms and legal departments address the demands of growth and volume of work. The Alt Group was born from a passion and a belief in our mission and what we could accomplish. We knew where wanted our company to go, but not exactly what it would look like when we got there. 

Knowing we would be nothing without a strong network of like-minded people just as committed to our mission as we were, we began by building our network. We cast a wide net for seasoned, accomplished, distinguished attorneys (and paralegals) from the best schools in the country and with resumes boasting Big Law, government or other highly reputable backgrounds. Our network grew faster than we could have imagined. 

Like many companies with a mission beyond the bottom line, we’ve always walked along the edge of being a business and being advocates for change. Our mission propelled us forward, but the strength of our network and the people in it served to broaden our scope and our vision of what we could be. Once our network was formed, the people who were once just abstract ideas in our minds sprang to life, coming to us with fully-fledged lives, their own stories and reasons for joining our network. This is when we felt our mission come to life.

We have felt the same kinship with our clients. Our success has always been predicated on our ability to serve our clients on a personal level, with the kind of hands-on approach that only a smaller company can provide. We have always maintained that this is what sets us apart. We work closely with our clients to partner them with the people who best support their needs. And our clients appreciate the care we take in creating these partnerships. 

Yes, we are growing as a company, and it’s been incredibly gratifying to have more clients trust us to help them achieve their goals, as well as to branch out in different directions and go to places we didn’t expect when we started. But the biggest surprise of all has been the gift of building a community. Our network is comprised of people we like, admire, and whose stories and lives truly inspire us. Our clients are smart, dynamic and challenge us to be better at what we do. Simply put, we like the people who have helped us grow, been part of our company, and members of our community. 

And in the past two years of being The ALT Group, we haven’t sacrificed our mission or compromised our goals. We are grateful to be where we are and hopeful about where we are going. Two years down, countless to go. 

Kristin Lim