September 2018 Client Spotlight: Chris Keefer of Keefer Strategy

Tell us a little bit about your background
Over my last 15+ years as a lawyer, I’ve assisted businesses and manufacturers around the world in developing legal and risk management strategies, further leading the insurance program of a global medical device manufacturer. I’ve presented nationally on risk management and insurance issues, and also created and taught the Drug & Medical Device Law class at the University of Notre Dame Law School.
More recently, I graduated from the University of Oregon’s inaugural Sports Product Management master’s program, which focused on the value chain in the product industry. During this time, I also had the opportunity to spend ten weeks in Vietnam with a Nike footwear manufacturer working with senior executives on global trade, supply chain and business risk strategies. 
What is Keefer Strategy? How long has KS been in business? 
We’re a legal strategy practice based in Portland, Oregon, guiding brands and manufacturers from coast to coast. With an extensive background in managing litigation and insurance programs, commercial transactions, product creation and risk mitigation and transfer, we’re uniquely able to identify opportunities and threats, offering specialized solutions for particular business needs. Our practice provides a trustworthy partnership with conscientious and business-forward strategies.
We began conceptualizing and developing the practice model back in April 2017, and turned on the lights a few months later in August. Things took off pretty quickly from there!
Where do you see your practice heading over the next few years? How have you seen the business change? 
Our primary focus is proactively helping businesses incorporate risk into business decision-making. To that end, we oftentimes act as a multiplexer as far as identifying key issues and then developing and implementing business and legal strategies, bringing on specialized talent where necessary.
There is a clear trend toward partnership with business-forward law practices that can provide high-level, cost-effective and flexible services. Without the bloat and overhead of large firms, we see an opportunity to be nimble and establish offices in several metropolitan areas in the coming years, while still operating lean to ensure our clients get big firm treatment at a fraction of the cost.
How did you come to find the need for a business like The A.L.T. Group? 
We had a real estate transaction earlier this year involving an atypical industrial development project. While I had quite a bit of experience in real estate transactions generally, this project required handling by an attorney with specialized experience in these types of developments. We reached out to A.L.T. Group, and were referred to a network attorney with significant experience in this arena. We were able to effectively provide the specialized services our client needed in a cost-effective manner, resulting in a win-win for everyone.
How have you been able to use The A.L.T. Group in your business and to further your mission?
After our initial positive experience with A.L.T. Group, we realized we could expand the scope of our practice offerings without the burdensome on-boarding of numerous attorneys in specialized fields. As a result, we have been able to attract national clients across multiple industries, while still operating lean. In this way, A.L.T. Group has given us the flexibility to do all of the work of a large law firm, at a fraction of the cost to the client.
What are some of the things important to you when partnering with a company like The A.L.T. Group? 
Quality of talent is of paramount importance, and A.L.T. Group’s network is stocked with top-quality talent across the U.S., both from pedigree and experience standpoints. Next, the partnership must be cost-effective to the client (and us, candidly), which is yet another benefit of partnering with A.L.T. Group. Finally, responsiveness is key, and Stacey and Kristin have always been quick to respond with referrals, questions, insights or suggestions.

Thanks, Chris. Always great to speak with you! 

Anytime, thanks so much. 

Chris Keefer is the Founder and Principal at Keefer Strategy. Find him and his team at

Kristin Lim