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Because the market is stronger when everyone is in it. When women leave law, everybody loses. Having a robust set of opinions at any discussion makes for a stronger workforce. We want to ensure more women have access to the flexible roles that will allow them to stay in their chosen careers during phases of their lives that scaling back hours or working remotely is necessary. 

We created The A.L.T. Group with that mission in mind--to form partnerships between freelance legal professionals looking to move beyond a traditional work model and law firms and legal departments in need of high-end legal talent.

Our model allows our clients to take full advantage of the talent and expertise of high-achieving lawyers who have left or wish to leave full-time practice for a variety of reasons and are looking to remain or re-enter the work force with autonomy and flexibility. Our legal professionals enjoy the flexibility of a project-based work life, making it possible for them to stay engaged in legal practice under circumstances that best suit their lifestyles. 

We provide our clients an economical alternative when they need to scale up resources temporarily, have overflow work on a consistent basis, or simply require subject matter expertise. This is a cost-effective way of handling changing demands without sacrificing quality. For project scopes small to large, we have a freelance lawyer at the ready. 

The A.L.T. Group hopes to expand its reach beyond the legal world, and dedicates a portion of its revenue each year to charitable organizations that empower women throughout the world. 

About our Founders


Stacey Mosesso McConnell - Partner

Client and Attorney Relations

Ms. McConnell graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School. She began her legal career at Kelley Drye & Warren in New York City, engaging in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters. She then joined the U.S. Department of Justice as a trial attorney on the Tobacco Litigation Team. In this role she helped to prosecute the RICO litigation against  tobacco manufacturers, which was one of the largest civil suits ever brought by the Department. Prior to starting her family, Ms. McConnell also worked at the Stamos & Trucco law firm in Chicago, focusing on commercial litigation and medical malpractice defense. Her broad background practicing in rigorous environments solidified in her a love for the intellectual precision and intensity that legal work requires. 



Kristin BW_01.jpg

Kristin Lim - Partner

Business Operations

Ms. Lim earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Irvine, and her Master’s in English from New York University. While earning her Master’s degree, she completed a special writer’s initiative at Trinity College, University of Oxford, England. 

Ms. Lim has forged a robust freelance career that includes experience in marketing, writing and editing. Her publications include articles for Women’s Voices for Change, an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women in the workplace. Ms. Lim has worked in both technology and children's marketing for companies including Henson International Television and Take-Two Interactive, where she gained a solid breadth of business experience. In 2008 she co-founded projectresilience.org, a non-profit dedicated to supporting women who are victims of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since having her son in 2011, she has worked to balance part-time work with full-time motherhood.